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Increase Online Presence

An SEO consultant will get your business to show up in hundreds & even thousands of searches online naturally. This unlocks a huge number of ways that a future customer can find you online naturally with a search

Become an Authority

When Google lists your business first in search, people see you as an industry authority. This builds a huge amount of trust and makes someone more likely to buy from you over your competitors.

Be Found By Highly Targeted Customers

Market to an audience that’s already searching for your help. Why advertise on a billboard when most of the people who see it won’t be interested in your service or are not looking for help right now. SEO puts you in front people who are more likely to buy soon.

Harness the power of Free Traffic

SEO is all about generating free traffic. That is you don’t pay Facebook or Google for clicks or views. That means 100% of your investment goes to your campaign.

Higher Traffic Potential

Data shows that people are more likely to click a natural/organic listing when searching in Google over an Ad. This means that an SEO specialist can help you generate more online traffic than most other online advertising sources.

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Why Work With Us?

Tailored solutions.

We tailor SEO to your needs and goals. Too many SEO agencies have had to systemise their processes while they scale and it’s much easier for them to use a rinse-and-repeat methods to deliver your SEO. We take time upfront to understand your business and do all of your research and analysis up front to help provide a solution that gets you exactly what you need.

Custom pricing.

Because we tailor your campaign to fit your current needs and goals we can offer a uniquely priced package that gets you what you need to get the job done. When an SEO company offers a choice of 3 packages they are leaving the quality of your results up to you! If you choose the cheapest package you may not get results. If you choose the expensive option you may overpay. At Charged SEO, we’ll talk with you upfront and put together a single package that is what you need to get your desired results, and no extras.

Simple reports.

Too many business owners have experience the common SEO report that’s just a load of data and information in technical jargon that been exported from a tracking software. We produce a simple “plain English” report you can view anytime live on your own schedule. It shows you the key growth metrics to help show you if your organic presence is growing and if your website is being found in Google.

No Locked Contracts.

You shouldn’t have to be tied down in a contract for your SEO. If at any time you need to pause or cancel or if you decide we’re not doing what we promised, then you can. Don’t let your business get locked into an extended contract unless you’re confident they will deliver.

More Personal.

When you work with your Charged SEO consultant, you work with Michael (me). One person running your campaign, tracking the progress and providing advice and updates over time. You can rest easy knowing your work is being performed and implemented by the person you’re talking to. It also means when you want to ask questions you don’t have to get passed around the office to get updates, advice or help.

Our 3-Step Process To Get Your Business Found Online


Your Goals

We arrange a consultation to find out more about your business and your goals. Together we’ll discover where you sit now, where you want to go and how to get there.

Strong Foundations

If we’re a good fit, we’ll build and implement your marketing campaign to help get you found online by your target market and grow your business.

Long-term Success

We’ll keep listening to your needs as you grow and help you continue to fulfil your goals big or small. We’ll continue to help you sustain or scale your business.

Get Started Today


We have a simple but effective process for bringing new clients on. We want to make sure we’re the right fit, and that SEO is going to be able to provide value to you. Before we can work together we need to know a bit more about your business, and we want you to know exactly what SEO could do for your business before you sign up.

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