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SEO Services Brisbane

Looking for a Brisbane SEO Consultant to grow your local business?

If you own a local business in Brisbane and are looking to improve your website’s optimisation, get more google traffic and get more customers then – You’re in the right place.

We are Brisbane SEO experts that help businesses of all types increase their customers using search engine optimisation. In fact, we are able to serve our clients all over Australia, providing our high-quality search engine optimisation to help them grow in whatever market or location they desire.

Here’s some things to keep in mind when choosing a search engine optimisation company:

Generalist or Specialist?

There is a lot of confusion with how SEO is done, what it’s worth, how well it works, what price you should pay and what kind of company to hire. To save you from the confusion, there are two quick categories to consider; generalist agency vs. seo specialist.

A generalist digital marketing company is likely a larger organisation that does everything from web design to social media marketing, and likely, search engine optimisation. A specialist is usually a smaller firm or consultant that soley offer one thing, SEO.

At the end of the day you are left to decide if you are looking for a all-in-one solution that has an average performance or, the company focused on solely the one thing. The specialised service is more likely to give you the best results.

How To Avoid a Poor SEO Experience

Don’t fall for the black-hat or poor quality work. These methods often carry large risks and can get your site penalised, damaging you rankings and even hurting or destroying your business. Qualify them before you decide to work with them. Ask for a case study or previous work and do your due diligence before hiring.

As tempting as a low cost SEO deal may sound, it’s a serious RED FLAG! These cheap SEO deals won’t do anything good. It’s likely they will hurt your business or just be a waste of money.

Don’t get locked into any long-term contracts. The first few months of your SEO experience will be the test to see if they are serving you well. If they’re not able to show progress in these first few months this could be a trend of things to come.

Here at Charged SEO Brisbane, we don’t lock you into a contract and we provide a lot of transparency through reports so you can see exactly how your campaign is going every step of the way. We want your business to succeed over the long-term with our local seo services and we want to remove your risks.

The Price Point – What Should You Pay for SEO Brisbane?

This question brings worry and confusion to business owners looking to invest in all types of online marketing. The vast number of options on the market (and in your inbox) add to this price confusion.

Short answer?   → It depends…

Unfortunately, many businesses get caught out by poor SEO practices or that just don’t work. This ends up damaging their website’s online presence and can end up costing more to fix than if they had just chosen a better service initially.

The biggest indicator of low quality SEO is the pricing. If you think you’ve just found the cheapest SEO on the market, it’s cheap for a reason. You have to understand that like many things, you get what you pay for.   So steer clear of cheap SEO offers.

Another thing to watch out for is SEO packages: What do you think is better? A cookie cutter template, or a personalised stratrgy designed to get you the results you want?

If possible, you want to avoid the package A, B or C system. SEO is different for every business and having a tailored solution will get you the best results at a tailored price; don’t over or under pay.

Does the service promise to build a set quantity of links each month? – Another sign of cookie cutter system. Not all links are the same and quality can easily trump quantity when it comes to links. If you see a service offering to build XX number of links then beware, as those links may not be high enough in quality to get you the results needed.

How Charged SEO Brisbane Is Different


We offer transparent solutions and reporting so that you can see what’s going on at every stage of your campaign.

If you’re SEO agency has “proprietary methods” or won’t tell you exactly what they’re doing to your business’s website behind the scenes – chances are they’re trying to hide something.

At Charged SEO Brisbane, we have nothing to hide. Our strategies are completely inline with what Google wants to see and we only use white-hat techniques to get you results that last now and long into the future.

Goal Focused

Most SEO consultant’s only focus on rankings. It’s all about getting you onto that front page. At Charged SEO, you get rankings and more.

Rankings are cool, but making sales is what we’re here for. While we focus on getting you ranked, we focus more-so on getting your website clicked by your ideal customers so you can get their business and grow your revenue.


We customise everything to your business’s needs and goals. No two business are the same and you deserve a tailored approach that will get you the best results at the best value. No cookie cutter systems, no package A, B or C.

Explained in English

Ever talked with an SEO professional and had something go over your head?

Not with Charged SEO Brisbane.

Everything we create and do with you will have the tech talk dialled down and the English turned up so that you can understand what we do and understand how we’re performing.

Long-term Obsessed

One of the biggest concerns with local business owners is whether their SEO results will last – or whether they’ll disappear overnight – along with their marketing results.

We obsess over the long-term results of our SEO strategies to ensure that our clients businesses get long-term results as well.

Everything we implement is not only “white-hat” and inline with Google’s own suggestions, but it’s also up to date and always at the forefront of the industry. Many SEO’s are still implementing old methods that Google has openly stated not to do which only leads to short-term business results.

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Our Website Optimisation Strategies

How We Deliver Local Google Traffic To Your Website

Our Brisbane SEO professionals look at your current website and assess it’s current level of online presence. To deliver the best SEO results we will likely do the following:

  • Check for any negative SEO and existing penalties that you may have and make necessary changes to fix the issues.
  • Find what keywords will bring the most traffic and ensure we aim to rank for them.
  • Optimise your web page and content to ensure it will rank in the search engines for the related services you offer.
  • Create and optimise the best social media sites to broaden your brand to build more trust for your website.
  • Create citations around your business to give it a location and allow even more people to find you and your website naturally.
  • Find high quality links that are tailored to suit your business to get you moving up the results.

We Get Your Business Seen By Your Target Market

As one of the best Brisbane SEO firms, we ensure you rank high within Google’s search results for relevant terms that will generate business. We’ll help establish your business’s brand in Brisbane and enable you to attract the right market and online traffic you need to succeed and grow.

Hiring the right digital marketing company will ensure your website is ranked safely without spam links or non-sense traffic to ensure you stay on Google’s good side and avoid any penalties. Housing one of the best SEO professionals in Brisbane you can ensure you are in good hands when working with us at Charged SEO. Our Brisbane experts can get you incredible local results in terms of potential customers or clients visiting your website and contacting you.

Hire us as your Brisbane search engine optimisation consultant to stay ahead of the competition by capitalising on organic search traffic.

We Help You Grow Your Business

Our long-term marketing strategies will help you continue to grow your brand and revenue by staying ahead of the curve online.

It all starts with a quality service and an exceptional customer experience.

At Charged SEO Brisbane, we help you set your online foundations to provide visibility in the search engines that send people in need of your services straight to your website when they need you the most. We help you solidify your brand so that when people need to find you they can. Over time, we can target more key terms allowing further increases to your website traffic and to your market reach.

Charged SEO Marketing Brisbane – Your Local SEO Solution

Charged SEO is a Australian digital marketing agency heavily focused on using search engine optimisation to help local businesses grow big and gain long lasting success.

Find out if Charged SEO Brisbane can help you reach your marketing and growth goals today by getting a free video analysis.

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Our 3-Step Process To Get Your Business Found Online

Your Goals

We arrange a consultation to find out more about your business and your goals. Together we’ll discover where you sit now, where you want to go and how to get there.

Strong Foundations

If we’re a good fit, we’ll build and implement your marketing campaign to help get you found online by your target market and grow your business.

Long-term Success

We’ll keep listening to your needs as you grow and help you continue to fulfil your goals big or small. We’ll continue to help you sustain or scale your business.

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We have a simple but effective process for bringing new clients on. We want to make sure we’re the right fit, and that SEO is going to be able to provide value to you. Before we can work together we need to know a bit more about your business, and we want you to know exactly what SEO Brisbane could do for your business before you sign up.

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