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Tailored SEO Consulting.

We tailor SEO to your needs and goals. Too many Brisbane SEO agencies have had to systemise their processes while they scale and it’s much easier for them to use a rinse-and-repeat methods to deliver your SEO. We take time upfront to understand your business and do all of your research and analysis up front to help provide a solution that gets you exactly what you need.

Custom pricing.

Because we tailor your campaign to fit your current needs and goals we can offer a uniquely priced package that gets you what you need to get the job done. When an SEO company offers a choice of 3 packages they are leaving the quality of your results up to you! If you choose the cheapest package you may not get results. If you choose the expensive option you may overpay. At Charged SEO Brisbane, we’ll talk with you upfront and put together a single package that is what you need to get your desired results, and no extras.

Simple reports.

Too many business owners have experience the common search engine optimisation report that’s just a load of data and information in technical jargon that been exported from a tracking software. We produce a simple “plain English” report you can view anytime live on your own schedule. It shows you the key growth metrics to help show you if your organic presence is growing and if your website is being found in Google.

No Locked Contracts.

You shouldn’t have to be tied down in a contract for any SEO services in Brisbane. If at any time you need to pause or cancel or if you decide we’re not doing what we promised, then you can. Don’t let your business get locked into an extended contract unless you’re confident they will deliver.

More Personal.

When you work with Charged SEO, you work with Michael (me). A single SEO expert running your campaign, tracking the progress and providing advice and updates over time. You can rest easy knowing your work is being performed and implemented by the person you’re talking to. It also means when you want to ask questions you don’t have to get passed around the office to get updates, advice or help.

SEO Services Brisbane

Increase Your Online Presence

An SEO consultant will get your business to show up in hundreds & even thousands of searches online naturally. This unlocks a huge number of ways that a future customer can find you online naturally with a search

Become an Authority

When Google lists your business first in search, people see you as an industry authority. This builds a huge amount of trust and makes someone more likely to buy from you over your competitors.

Be Found By Highly Targeted Customers

Market to an audience that’s already searching for your help. Why advertise on a billboard when most of the people who see it won’t be interested in your service or are not looking for help right now. SEO puts you in front people who are more likely to buy soon.

Harness the High ROI Power of Free Traffic

Search engine optimisation is all about generating free traffic. That is you don’t pay Facebook or Google for clicks or views. That means 100% of your investment goes to your campaign.

Higher Traffic Potential

Data shows that people are more likely to click a natural/organic listing when searching in Google over an Ad. This means that a Brisbane SEO specialist can help you generate more online traffic than most other online advertising sources.

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What Does an SEO Consultant Do?

The overall goal of an SEO consultant is to help you grow your organic visibility inside the most popular search engines so that more people looking for your services or products will find your website naturally and freely online.

A Brisbane SEO consultant helps provide you with insights and recommendations that improve your website’s organic presence in Google search. They can help you decide if search engine optimisation is the right strategy for your business, provide expert recommendations and help you make the changes necessary to succeed with organic Google. Below are some of the tasks an SEO consultant may help you with:

Set up Track & Analyse Performance

Tracking and analytics is a huge part of an SEO campaign. Your SEO consultants should be able to help you get some basic tracking set up so you (and they) can analyse your rankings & web traffic over time. This is crucial for checking how your campaign is progressing from a results standpoint. It also helps identify problems and issues early on so they can be fixed with minimal delay.

Keyword Research

There’s no point in showing up first for a search query if it isn’t likely to be searched by your target audience. We get to know who you’re targeting and then find the things they are typing into Google daily, searching for your help.

User Experience (UX) Optimisation

Optimising your website to have the best user experience is an important factor to not only Google, but to users visiting your website. This can include things like your website’s layout, navigation, the mobile optimisation

Speed Optimisation

If your website is slow due to poorly optimised coding, bulky images, plugin conflictions or slow hosting then this means it will take a new user longer to load your website. If they’re trying to visit your website from a slow internet connection, this gets even worse.

Mobile Optimisation

More than half of the searches on Google are made from a mobile device. Google knows this and will prefer to show a mobile optimised website over a website that isn’t mobile friendly. An SEO expert can help you build a mobile friendly or responsive website that

Tune Page Content (On-Page SEO)

It’s crucial to have the right words in the right places on your website. Google is just a robot and it scans through your website’s content and tries to understand what you’re all about. If you don’t have the right pieces in the right places Google might not understand you as best as possible. An SEO consultant will be able to help you tweak your existing content to Google’s liking.

Link Building (Off-Page SEO)

Google looks at the websites that link to yours and gets an even better understanding of your website. You can almost think of links as “votes”. The more votes you have the better. The more authoritative & popular the sites that link to you are, the better.

Website Redesign

Sometimes an old or poorly made website will hold you back from achieving maximum success with SEO. If necessary, we will provide you with a brand new website, built with modern technology on a sustainable framework. With modern design systems available your website can be designed to look incredible without taking months and months while also at an affordable and custom price.

Local SEO Brisbane

Search engine optimization can be very different for different sized businesses and different markets and niches. If you want to succeed locally you need a local SEO expert in Brisbane to help get you listed in the right places to your unique locale market. If you serve a local area or offer services or products locally it’s important to have the right SEO in place to get the most benefit. Charged SEO Brisbane gives your local business the edge in the market by delivering local SEO that gets you found by people in your area.

“He is dedicated to his clients success and is a great person to work with. ”Mark.F

Charged SEO Consultants Brisbane


If you own a local business in Brisbane and are looking to improve your website’s optimisation, get more google traffic and get more customers then – You’re in the right place.

We are Brisbane SEO experts that help businesses of all types increase their customers using search engine optimisation. In fact, we are able to serve our clients all over Australia, providing our high-quality search engine optimisation to help them grow in whatever market or location they desire.


Consider these points before choosing your Brisbane SEO consultant:



Marketing Generalist or SEO Specialist?

There is a lot of confusion with how SEO is done, what it’s worth, how well it works, what price you should pay and what kind of company to hire. To save you from the confusion, there are two quick categories to consider; generalist agency vs. seo specialist.

A generalist digital marketing company is likely a larger organisation that does everything from web design to social media marketing, and likely, search engine optimisation. A specialist is usually a smaller firm or consultant that soley offer one thing, SEO.

At the end of the day you are left to decide if you are looking for a all-in-one solution that has an average performance or, the company focused on solely the one thing. The specialised service is more likely to give you the best results.

Safe or Dangerous SEO

It’s hard to know whether the Brisbane SEO services your investing in are making progress. SEO has a strong history of “experts” manipulating key weaknesses in Google’s algorithm for quick wins. The problem is that when Google catches on and eliminates these weaknesses, all of the money and time invested into your website can be gone overnight, and even beyond recovery.

So how can you make sure your local Brisbane business will be safe from this same experience? Be diligent. Know that there are bad practices out there in SEO. Be aware that many experts use these practices and that many of these practices still work, for now.

A successful SEO campaign can benefit your business so greatly that it is completely worth spending a small amount of time ensuring your website will be safe and strong long-term.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

One of the quickest signs of low quality SEO is a low price tag. As tempting as cheap SEO may sound, it is far more likely to waste your money and time, and may even leave you off worse that you started. This usually comes from companies who don’t understand what’s working right now and who use outdated methods.

If you get a few quotes, know that you will likely get what you pay for. Working with a consultant will likely get you more quality without a huge increase in price. This is because they can make your SEO journey more personalised and directed to getting you results. Agencies who work with 50+ clients often are juggling multiple project and have to use easily repeatable, non-tailored systems to get through the work.

Work Transparency

Another sign of an SEO service to avoid is if the SEO company or consultant is not willing to be transparent with you about what’s going on. SEO involves making mostly permanent changes to your website, these things can be good and bad. If your working with someone in Brisbane who hides their methods or claims that their work is secret and proprietary, just know the risk you’re taking. The Brisbane consultant you work with should be open to explaining what they do and why so you know that the methods are safe long-term.

White Hat? Black Hat?

White hat or black hat? When someone says they’re white hat it usually means they are trying to use safe methods Google like over techniques that are not natural or that Google has said are bad. Yes your SEO should be white-hat, however that in itself isn’t enough to fully accept your SEO will be great and you should still consider the other points of this section.

Long-term Contracts

Avoid getting locked into any long-term contracts. The first 3 months of your SEO experience will be the test to see if they are serving you well. If they’re not able to show progress or the work they’ve put in during these first few months this could be a trend of things to come. There are Brisbane SEO companies that will take your money and do the most minimal SEO work without ever expecting to get you an ROI.

Is Your Brisbane SEO Service Selling You Air

If someone is including or selling an indexing or index service that gets your website listed in Google, avoid them. Google finds and indexes your website automatically on it’s own and anyone offering this as a service and charging for it is getting paid for nothing. Any email offering this too are both spam and scam!

Brisbane SEO Packages – Which Package To Choose?

None. Packages are a great sales method. Multiple options takes the pressure off the price and puts control in the customers hands. Good? Probably not.

Imagine if your mechanic gave you 3 options every time they checked your car. “Here’s what wrong with you car, you can choose package a, b, or c”. I just want it to work! Fix what’s necessary and don’t fix what ain’t broke. The problem with SEO packages is that if you go too cheap, it might not work. If you pay too much, you’re probably paying for extras you don’t need.

Where ever possible I always recommend finding someone who offers a single tailored package. One price that gets the desired results without anything you didn’t need.

Charged SEO Brisbane


At Charged SEO Brisbane, we help you set your online foundations to provide visibility in the search engines that send people in need of your services straight to your website when they need you the most.

We help you solidify your brand so that when people need to find you they can. Over time, we can target more key terms allowing further increases to your website traffic and to your market reach. We take an audit of why you’re not ranking where you want to be and we create a tailored solution to fix it and get you results.

Charged SEO is a Australian digital marketing agency heavily focused on using search engine optimisation to help local businesses grow big and gain long lasting success.

Find out if Charged SEO can help you reach your marketing and growth goals today by getting a free video analysis.