Looking For a Way To Get More Online Traffic To Your Website, Your Business Or Your Brand?

High Number of Leads

Be the solution to peoples searches. There is no better place you can place your website than the front page of Google.

No Cost Per Ad Clicks

Ranking your site with SEO means ranking your site naturally with Google’s algorithm.
End result. You don’t have to pay for clicks.

Highly Targeted Searches

By targeting specific search terms in Google you can choose the most relevant markets and increase the chance of a sale.

Google Adwords has its place but it can rack up a large bill with little or no return if not done right. 
• Less traffic than SEO. The paid ads share about 30% of total searches across the 7 Ads. The natural results section (SEO) gets the other 70% of the searches with more traffic going to the highest ranked website.
• Adwords will cost you Ad Spend (the money you allow for getting X number of Ad clicks) PLUS a management fee. Unless you plan on running and maintaining the Ads yourself.
• You often need to pay to have the highest Ad. While you can help drive your click costs down with optimisation, you’ll still have to pay a reasonable amount to beat out your competition.

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) puts your website on the front of Google. This is done by optimising your website so that Google’s algorithm lists your website at the top. Now, when someone searches for a service you provide, they find you.

There are three main listing sections for any search result. See picture.
1) Paid Ads:
– Ads are run through Google.
– Pay each time someone clicks the Ad.
– Only receives 20% (average) of the total search traffic.
2) Maps:
– Location-based search.
– Not a paid ad, free to click.
– Requires SEO to be listed for competitive search terms.
3) Free Ads:
– Organic listed results chosen by Google’s algorithm.
– Not a paid ad, free to click..
– Receives the largest amount of the total search traffic.

So not only do your clicks cost nothing, but you actually get a cut of 80% of the total search traffic. This can mean hundreds of visits every month. This is what SEO can do for your business.

Get your website listed in the #1 place your customers are using.

Here at Charged SEO, we are SEO specialists. We know it well. We know what it takes to get a local business the exposure it needs. No two companies are the same, which is why before working with anyone, we personally discuss your business needs and goals. This gives you a personalised service to help you reach your goals, while giving us the information we need to get you real results.

SEO Australia

What’s Involved in Getting Your Site Ranked?

In order to get your website to the top of Google, you need to improve two areas; On-Page & Off-Page.

On-Page Optimisation includes optimising everything directly on your website. This will involve:

  • Content – The way your website’s content is written and it’s relevance towards you targetted search phrases.
  • Url Structure – Your website’s page names, URLs and sub-page structures
  • Inner-Page interlinking – The way your website links to other pages on your site to help users navigate it.
  • Mobile Device Compatibility – Whether your site is mobile friendly and responsive
  • Speed – How fast your site loads

Off-Page Optimisation includes external websites that link to your website or mention your brand online.

  • Social Media – Your brand’s social media presence and how much social attention it gets
  • Links and Authority – The quantity and quality of external links that send people from an external site to yours